Eurogan Ltd is a Spanish company founded in 1.964, which has been consolidated after more than 50 years of experience in the field of reliable, quality livestock equipment.

A special effort on R+D+i has been done in order to increase the company competitiveness, developing our own technology and having our own team of engineers and fitters available for the installation and startup of farm projects, therefore guaranteeing the quality of our equipment and service. Eurogan took exportation as a priority, reaching an exterior market share of 70% of its sales, performing in more than 30 countries.

Eurogan is focused in the design and development of every single equipment for livestock modern production. Our products have been tried an approved by our clients, who value our experience, along with our creativity and innovation.

This way, year after year, Eurogan positioning itself as a leading company in the use and application of the latest, modern and innovative technologies to give service to our clients.

EUROGAN S.L. The responsibility of the experience, the solutions of the innovation

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The Management of EUROGAN S.L. is committed to quality policy that allows for maximum efficiency at work, adapting to the requirements of the products demanded by our customers, satisfying their needs, expectations and reaching its leadership in design and material development of livestock.

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Its priority will develop and maintain a system of quality management to reach all the activities of EUROGAN S.L. which will be reviewed periodically to ensure their continued appropriateness.
The Management is committed to continuous quality improvement and emphasizes the following principles:

Continuous improvement of efficiency in production and management processes as a basis for competitiveness.
Quick response and attention focused to customers, valuing innovation, teamwork and responsibility.
Identify the specific needs and systematic, both current customers as potential, adapting to them the range of products.
Collaboration with suppliers and ensuring that purchased product meets specified purchase requirements.
To provide assurance that the services and products meet required quality and reliability.
To provide technologically advanced products.
Promote employee satisfaction in the technical, professional and human. The Company leads and supports the motivation of human resources.
That all staff, whatever their role and job, shares this commitment to quality.
To develop actions aimed at reducing non-quality costs and improving productivity. Targeting efforts toward preventing errors.

To achieve this Quality Policy will establish the appropriate strategic objectives. This policy provides a framework for the establishment and revision of organizational goals and will be assessed annually in the Review of the Management System.

The Management